Keeping safety tips PayPal Account

Several times in recent hacker attacks against rampant aka cracker start an online business users and the owner of a PayPal account, some victims fell.

Actually the use of PayPal (paypal account) is very secure, which makes the paypal is not safe is the "email" which we use primarily free email like yahoo and gmail. Therefore, increased security and vigilance against the ownership of an email account should be tightened. Moreover, the use of free email accounts like yahoo, gmail or other.
Some minor but very important tips that need to be done to maintain and improve security email accounts or other accounts of the things that are not desirable (aka cracker hacker attacks) is:

1. Do not use the security question that is predictable, for example using the name of the city of residence, date of birth, name of wife, children and even a lover. Because the hacker was already doing research to get all that data, and shortcomings in yahoo email, when we change the security question was apparently not fully remove the old security question. So when hackers get a security question you that long, he can use it to reset our passwords.

2. Do not type the password directly on the screen or the login box, it is better to use software such as neos-softkeys or other trusted, so we do not have to type the keyboard, and pastekan password into the login box.

3. Do not give our real identity to anyone except for personal contact certain people, because there are hackers can request a password and a question keamana through the features of "help" provided yahoo by giving us data. Yahoo will assume that the hacker is us because the data provided is complete and there in their database, the result password and secret question / security will be sent by yahoo to the hacker via email.

4. Do not use yahoo or gmail email as an email alternative to restore our password, use the email from our domain notabenenya safer.

5. Add another two emails in our paypal account, and make a paid domain email as the primary email so that all changes will be sent to the email.

6. For those who do business, you should not use the same e-mail between payments and communication with clients.

7. After signing out of paypal, delete the browser cache.

8. Do not distribute / provide the account number / CC / VCC us to the public especially the account number that we add at paypal, because data no rek / CC / VCC can be used to reset the password. So, use a different account of the paypal account and a local transfer with our clients.

What if we had already a PayPal account to hack? Do not panic, here are tips that can be used:

1. Immediately call paypal: paypal phone number is in, look for "contact us">>>> 65-65104584

2. CS Explain to us paypal that my account was stolen, then surely we are asked about the data itself and our paypal account data.

3. From experience, the fund has taken a hacker would be in the refund and account for a while on limited data and emails that have been changed will be returned to our original email.

4. If you already like this, the most important step is how do I get an email that we use as a primary email remains safe from burglary and again, because if he continues to be broken (aka hacker cracker) will also change our paypal password, again .. again and again ...

5. Do not worry, as long as we have a safer alternative email, we tend to be more superior than hackers. While monitoring the emails, upload documents to paypal and try to restore as soon as possible, because if not restore, we can not change the main email with a safer email.

6. Once the restore, replace main email with a more secure email and delete the emails that have been terhack forever.

7. DO NOT PANIC At its core, because the hacker would not do anything unless EYE Pedes melototin computer all day ... besides, paypal would help ..

The source comes from Adsense forum-ID.Com


We must follow some safety tips to protect paypal account. These are good and worthy tips.

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